Masked first timer Jack H strokes his big cock at pet ur monkey
116 pictures and a 12 minute video

We met Jack during a recent visit to New Orleans. He was really excited about doing a jerk off video for a web site right up until the camera started going and his friend said “what’s your dad going to say”. Jack’s father is fairly well known in local banking circles. We had already seen his thick dick and couldn’t let him just go so we offered to let him use a mask that we picked up at a souvenir shop and do a mystery meat shoot. Jack really gets into pleasuring himself, as you will see. He says that he sometimes jerks off 5-10 times a day. A 7.5 inch cock is good sized for most guys but on Jack’s little 5?4? body his dick looks huge and it is so thick that his hands barely fit around the shaft. All that practice shines through in a great first time performance.

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