Welcome back to Broke College Boys, today we are in my garage. Sinn is changing my oil and Blake is washing the car. The guys give us a quick hello, and Sinn tells me that my oil is great that it wasn’t a quart low like I had anticipated. Which makes me happy. He is my current mechanic and is about to change the oil in the jeep. I had them stop what they were doing and come up to visit me and the camera. They both agree that it is too hot to get much work done. I told them to stick around when summer hits it will be horridly hot. Sinn is twenty-three and is six foot four. He is a big well built dude. He works on cars a lot and hangs out by the pool and loves video gaming. He stopped in to earn a few extra bucks. The rent is due again, and he is a bit short. He is straight and currently has a girlfriend. His girlfriend knows that he is helping out a friend with a car, but she doesn’t know that he is here. She wouldn’t be to hip knowing he was with us. We won’t tell her will we? Shhh mum’s the word.

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