I am hanging out on the back patio in the pool with Billy and Jordan. Today is Jordan’s 23rd birthday. Now you know I love birthdays and so does Jordan. I told him that Billy is his birthday present. He is going to try and make all his wild fantasies come true. After we goofed around outside in the pool for awhile, I moved the boys inside so that Jordan could enjoy his birthday present in the privacy of the house. The back patio is private, but sound carries and I had a feeling that Billy would make Jordan explode in pleasure, so the guys changed into some dry clothing and we all went inside.

As soon as we were all settled the boys went right to kissing. You can always find Billy by his wild attire. He has on those bright yellow and black shorts, while Jordan opted for more laid back shorts. It doesn’t take Billy long to use his tongue to lick and taste his way down Jordan’s chest. You can see by Jordan’s have hard cock that he is enjoying all the attention that Billy is giving him. Jordan then takes his turn at licking and sucking all over Billy’s hot body. Billy gets so excited that he stands up so that he can feed his cock directly into Jordan’s mouth. Jordan doesn’t mind in fact, he begins to lick Billy’s ballsack as he jerks him with his hand and then continues to give him a great blow-job that drives him crazy.

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