The photographer for Island Studs picked up Avery hitchhiking along a road in Hawaii. The two got to talking and the photographer made Avery an offer to model. Avery was a little shocked. He moved to Hawaii only a few years ago and was raised in a conservative farming family in rural Ohio. Since his move, Avery has let his hair grow long and gotten a few tattoos as well. Avery said yes as long as he could pick the spot. The photographer showed up to shoot Avery’s jerk off video he was already sitting on a cliff overlooking the beach with his hard cock in hand. Avery has a little trouble getting hard in front of a stranger at first but that goes away soon after he starts looking at some straight porn. He strokes his hard cock, shows off his smooth muscular body, and shoots his load relaxing at the beach.

Amateur Studs Jerk Off

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