CJ and Jarrod are out washing my assistant’s car. I thought they were gonna wash mine, but I guess they got confused. Jarrod is twenty-seven and still looking for a job. Cj is here just having a good time. He says he has hooked up a bit while he was down here esp. in the house. The sex just flows easily in our house of broke college boys. After I watch them wash the car a bit and we chat for a bit. I point out the pool in the garage. It isn’t a great pool, but it is full of cool water.

I finally talked them into coming inside to hop in the pool. We talk about what they might be doing after hanging out with me and I tell them that since they are going out tonight anyway that perhaps they should warm up for it in the pool. It worked out that I had to pay them $100.00 to just take off their trunks. The entire time Jarrod is talking shit about Cj’s heritage. These guys are pretty funny to talk to and watching them get naked is a real trip as well. It didn’t take me long to talk them into fucking each other for an additional $1000.00. I wanted to pay five hundred, but they talked me into one thousand. I wanted to see it all.

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