Fan favorite Jeremy Bilding’s latest adventure starts with Luke Riley giving him the Tickle Torture! Jeremy writhes around the bed, nearly hyperventilating. When Luke can’t get to Jeremy’s feet, he touches Jeremy anywhere else, to pretty much the same effect. Jeremy is the most ticklish person we’ve ever met. Tickling soon turns to tasting as Luke swallows Jeremy down to his balls. Luke makes an attempt to eat Jeremy’s ass, but that throws Jeremy into another tickle-fit. Jeremy can’t take it any longer, and Luke’s hole is getting hungry, so Jeremy straps on a rubber and starts to pound away. Luke calls out “fuck me harder” and Jeremy obliges, thrusting away with reckless abandon. Our turbo-top then sends Luke into orgasm, splattering Jeremy’s (his own?) abs and chest. Jeremy says that revenge is a bitch and jumps on top of Luke, jerking out a juicy load onto Luke’s chest and face.

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