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There are lots of ways to summarize the sex scene between 18 year old twink Casey Devereaux and 23 year old jock Timo Taylor but I am going to use two: energetic and loud. In Timo’s interview at Squirtz he says that he is mostly attracted to girls and older guys but would go for a younger dude if they could satisfy him sexually. Casey does exactly that. You can flat out see the passion that these two young men share for sex with each other. As Casey and Timo undress each other Timo can’t wait to get Casey’s 9 inch uncut cock in his mouth and is sucking away before the boys shorts are down. Casey returns the favor and sucks on Timo’s hard dick. There is so much to love about these guys video but the part where Casey has his smooth ass in the air and his mouth wrapped around Timo’s dick is my favorite. We get to see Casey’s hairless hole and the ripped athletic body of Timo.

Timo turns Casey onto his back and preps the swimmer boys ass with a long wet rim job that sends lots of saliva running across Casey’s ass and onto the bed. Then, Timo rolls a condom over his curved cock, applies a little lube, and slides his dick into Casey’s tight ass. This is the part where things get really exciting and loud. Casey isn’t shy at all about expressing his extreme pleasure of having Timo ram his hard cock in and out of his ass. Timo isn’t shy about getting what he wants from his partner either. Timo flips and turns the 120 pound (54 Kg) twink into what ever position he desires as he relentlessly pounds the shit out of him. Timo knows exactly what we want to see as far as the cum shot goes. He takes his dick out of Casey’s worked over hole and shoots his load all over Casey’s clean shaved face. Some guys aren’t into getting jizz on their face but from the huge smile on Casey’s face as the streams of cum hit him and run down his cheek; he isn’t one of them.

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