Etienne went along with his former boyfriend Isaac Waite to provide moral support during his first gay porn performance; a solo jerk off video at Squirtz. Actually, Etienne provided more than just support… he acted as Isaac’s fluffer too. The owners of Video Boys were so impressed with the chemistry between the young men that they invited both back for a duo video.

When the boys were together, Etienne usually toped but today, Isaac is the one doing the fucking and Etienne takes the cock up his ass. The guys start out easy enough making out as they undress each other. Both guys are in their early 20s, have dark hair, tanned skin, and pierced cocks. Isaac is the one with the tattoos. The guys suck on each others hard curved cocks then Isaac moves his mouth to Etienne’s hairy ass to rim the shit out of his shaved hole. With Etienne’s hole loose and wet and Isaac’s cock dripping precum; Isaac puts on a condom and goes to work pounding the shit out of Etienne’s ass. For a guy who usually tops, Etienne looks like he really enjoys the feeling of Isaac’s 6.5 inch cut cock moving in and out of his ass. Etienne shoots his jizz first in an impressive cum shot that takes place while Isaac continues to ream his hole. Isaac pulls out very soon after and adds his own cum to the sticky mess on Etienne’s smooth chest.

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