Most of the guys at Alpha Male are pretty butch and carry themselves with a bit of swagger, but this week’s model takes that idea to a whole other level. Logan McCree is literally covered, head to toe in tattoos. tattoos above the neckline can’t even legally be done in some places, but Logan’s tattoos extend right up his head and are visible all the time. The guy’s definitely got it going on…

The funny part is people who have a lot of tattoos and/or piercings often look fierce and intimidating, but in reality they’re just big teddy bears. Logan’s a bit that way too. He’s got himself a steady boyfriend (porn model Vinnie D’Angelo) and he’s just a regular guy in many ways…

Well, maybe not so regular… In addition to his tattoos setting him apart from regular guys, his dick sets him apart as well. McCree’s got a HUGE uncut dick – and thick too! I mean that’s quite a combo – intimidating tattoos and killer dick… I know some of you are just about creaming your pants right now… I know you want to see more – so go to and see more of Logan’s tattoos and big dick…

Inked jock Logan strokes his hard dick
Inked jock Logan strokes his cock in the locker room
Logan McCree with his huge hard dick haning out of his shortsHot tattooed stud Logan McCree strokes his dick
Logan's uncut dick about to shoot a load
Inked stud Logan strokes his dickInked stud Logan McCree

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