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Arnaud Chagall and Lukas Wild make a cute couple. Both boys are thin, smooth, and sport nice uncut cocks. Even though the guys had never met there was a sexual chemistry between them. These two twinks could not to keep their hands and mouths off of each other. The coyness Arnaud exhibited during the interview quickly goes away once their clothes are off. The boys start by sucking dick they each are completely hard. Next they alternate fucking the other guy’s horny ass holes. It’s in this department that Lukas really shines. He goes to town fucking Arnaud. The anal stimulation of Lukas’ big dick must have has an effect on Arnaud because he shoots a huge load that sprays across his chest and neck as Lukas continues pumping his ass. Lukas puts his dick against Arnaud’s jizz covered dick and jacks out an amazing load of his own. These are 2 cum shots you don’t want to miss out on.

Lukas Wild and Arnaud Chigall

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