Pierre and Ryan met at a Canadian sex club during a screening of an upcoming video staring Pierre and the Scorpio Twins. Ryan thought that Pierre and his boyfriend Julian were very hot and wanted to do something with them. And do something he did. Pierre and Julian take Ryan back to their flat where Pierre has his way while Julian films the entire experience.

Ryan and Pierre take off their shirts and flex their muscles to show off. Both have nicely defined bodies and Pierre looks great with all those tattoos and a sleeve that covers his right arm. The two start some heavy kissing and petting then they 69 for a while. As Pierre licks Ryan’s hard cock, Ryan rims Pierre’s smooth ass. With all the rimming, I thought Pierre was going to bottom but it was the other way around. Pierre rolls a condom down his long cock and screws the crap out of Ryan with his 8 inch cock. Pierre moves Ryan into at least 4 different positions as he pounds the blond muscle boy’s ass. Ryan seems to love every second of his experience, and who wouldn’t, Pierre is so damn cute!

Pierre Fitch brings home big dicked bottom boy after a night out

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