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naked man with dog tags, tattoos, and a hard cock

Mike Nelson is obviously no stranger to the needle. He has plenty of tattoos over his thin pale body, both professional and some home done. In his video Mike tells us about his time in the military including the time he and 6 buddies had a circle jerk that went a bit further than simply getting off.

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young muscular man with lots of tattoos poses naked outside

Knox says he was raised a good Catholic boy but got his first tattoo when he was 15 and has been getting them ever since. Now both arms, his entire chest and stomach, and most of his back is inked. As if all the art wasn’t enough, Knox has a nice big dick too. I know… that always helps. Knox shows us every inch of his naked body at Island Studs


naked tattooed man holding his semi hard cock in hand

Anthony Price is a bisexual dude that likes to get away from his girlfriend every so often and enjoy the cock. He poses naked showing his smooth tattooed body and semi hard dick before getting to action with Grayson James in his scene at Bait Buddies.


tattooed British jock - Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts is an English footballer with plenty of ink. The black ink sleeve shows off his muscular arm nicely and the colorful stars above his trimmed pubes only add to the uncut treasures that lay below.


two tattooed college men jack off together

Spence is the dude on the right with more ink than Jeremy. The guys strip naked and jack off beside each other to get comfortable for all the dick sucking that soon follows in this scene online now at Straight Fraternity.


dark tattooed stripper shows his soft cock

Giovanni works as a stripper at a Texas club so he knows exactly how to move his body and what a body he has too. His right arm and chest have a big tribal tattoo that so show off his 6 pack abs and lead the eye down to his shaved cock.

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bald and tattooed guy shows his soft dick

Sebastian has plenty of ink and not much hair. This tattooed amateur has a shaved head and keeps his pubes trimmed short but has hair oh his legs and ass crack. What else will we see while Sebastian jacks his cock?

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