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young muscular man with lots of tattoos poses naked outside

Knox says he was raised a good Catholic boy but got his first tattoo when he was 15 and has been getting them ever since. Now both arms, his entire chest and stomach, and most of his back is inked. As if all the art wasn’t enough, Knox has a nice big dick too. I know… that always helps. Knox shows us every inch of his naked body at Island Studs


smooth bodied island boy with tattoo

The tattoo on Brian’s smooth chest does not make him look any older but his big dick and cute face sure makes him look doable.

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naked man with tattoos and ripped abs

Shorty gets naked to show off all his many tattoos that decorate his ripped and totally hairless body. The puddle of cum below the four leaf clover tat on his stomach looks lucky indeed.

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inked hawaiian skater shows tattoos and hard cock

Zach has quite a bit of ink for a young man fresh from high school. His tanned skin and lean body come from hours of swimming in the ocean. Who knows where he got the big dick and friendly smile from… maybe an off screen fluffer. Lucky dog.

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Joshua has long hair, tanned skin, and plenty of ink

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Joshua looks like a surfer dude pure and simple; from his long dark hair with bearded face down to his hairy muscular legs. He has lots of tattoos including a full color sleeve that matches the theme of the black and gray panel on his side. The body art looks great against his dark tanned skin. Joshua plays around nude in the garden then sits down to jack off.

The photographer for Island Studs picked up Avery hitchhiking along a road in Hawaii. The two got to talking and the photographer made Avery an offer to model. Avery was a little shocked. He moved to Hawaii only a few years ago and was raised in a conservative farming family in rural Ohio. Since his move, Avery has let his hair grow long and gotten a few tattoos as well. Avery said yes as long as he could pick the spot. The photographer showed up to shoot Avery’s jerk off video he was already sitting on a cliff overlooking the beach with his hard cock in hand. Avery has a little trouble getting hard in front of a stranger at first but that goes away soon after he starts looking at some straight porn. He strokes his hard cock, shows off his smooth muscular body, and shoots his load relaxing at the beach.

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